Single Ply Colorgard Bracket

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Aluminum bolt-down bracket and stainless steel base plate mount for Colorgard Bar-Style snow guard systems mounted on single-ply membrane roofs.

Roof Mounting Method:

  • Base plate fastens into roof deck or sub-structure.
  • Flashing membrane is applied over the base plate with upright bolts exposed.
  • Colorgard mounting bracket is attached to exposed base plate bolts, ensuring a watertight seal.

Additional Components:

Additional Information: 


Job Specific snow retention layouts are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc.  These are provided at no charge.  Snow Guard Depot recommends obtaining a job specific layout for all snow retention projects.  Without a job specific layout, Snow Guard Depot cannot guarantee that snow guards purchased will perform effectively.  Snow retention layouts can be obtained by contacting Rocky Mountain Snow Guards here, or calling 877.414.7606.