XHD #15 x 3" Metal Screw - use with Single Ply Base Plates


Color: Steel

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OMG's XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) Roofing Fastener(#15/6.7mm) is a high-performance fastener with deep buttress threads for maximum pull-out resistance.  These 3" XHD screws have a #3 Phillip Truss Head and are designed to secure into steel (20 and 22 ga.) and aluminum roof decks or support structure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Over-sized heavy shank and thread diameters for enhanced pull-out resistance in light gauge steel and aluminum roof decks.
  • Miniature drill point penetrates decks quickly and contributes to exceptional resistance to back-out as well as pull-out.

Use five (5) to secure Single Ply base plates to METAL decking.

For WOOD decking use CTX Construction Lag Screws.

Additional Information:

Job Specific snow retention layouts are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc.  These are provided at no charge.  Snow Guard Depot recommends obtaining a job specific layout for all snow retention projects.  Without a job specific layout, Snow Guard Depot cannot guarantee that snow guards purchased will perform effectively.  Snow retention layouts can be obtained by contacting Rocky Mountain Snow Guards here.