S-5!® VersaClip™

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The S-5!® VersaClip™ makes installation of the ColorGard® system on metal panel roofs easy.

Simply slide onto the ColorGard® Bar and attach to appropriate S-5!® Clamps for your standing-seam metal panel profile.

Use to attach ColorGard® Bar to VersaBrackets for through-fastened metal panel roofs.  A fastening bolt and nut set (sold separately) is required.

VersaClip™ is also handy when installing ColorGard® askew, such as is required in the valleys between intersecting rooflines.

Attaches with the following stocked S-5 Clamps:

Complete Your System:

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Job Specific snow retention layouts are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc.  These are provided at no charge.  Snow Guard Depot recommends obtaining a job specific layout for all snow retention projects.  Without a job specific layout, Snow Guard Depot cannot guarantee that snow guards purchased will perform effectively.  Snow retention layouts can be obtained by contacting Rocky Mountain Snow Guards here.