S-5!® S-5-H Clamp


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The two-piece clamp design of the S-5-H clamp allows for easy attachment anywhere along the seam length.  

The S-5-H clamp is designed to accommodate horizontal seams (single-folded) that are not fully closed that include a vertical leg.  The setscrews are side-install rather than top-down.

The aluminum insert allows the clamp to fit over wider horizontal seams up to .75" (19 mm).

Included stainless steel hardware consists of 2 set screws and 1 M8 bolt.

    Additional Product Information:

     Job Specific snow retention layouts are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc.  These are provided at no charge.  Snow Guard Depot recommends obtaining a job specific layout for all snow retention projects.  Without a job specific layout, Snow Guard Depot cannot guarantee that snow guards purchased will perform effectively.  Snow retention layouts can be obtained by contacting Rocky Mountain Snow Guards here.