S-5!® S-5-Q Clamp


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The two-piece clamp design of the S-5-Q clamp makes it easy to install anywhere along the seam.  

The S-5-Q clamp ("Q" represents the shape of the clamp) allows for the attachment of snow guards and other heavy-duty applications to metal roof panels featuring large "bulb" seam configurations up to 1.14" (29 mm).

The S-5-Q  clamp also fits smaller, round "bulb-shaped" profiles with diameters of 0.75" (19 mm) or less if the seam is not properly closed.  The S-5-Z clamp is a more cost-effective option for this application when seam is properly closed.

Included stainless steel hardware consists of 2 setscrews and 1 M8 bolt.

Additional Product Information:

 Job Specific snow retention layouts are available from Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, Inc.  These are provided at no charge.  Snow Guard Depot recommends obtaining a job specific layout for all snow retention projects.  Without a job specific layout, Snow Guard Depot cannot guarantee that snow guards purchased will perform effectively.  Snow retention layouts and quotes can be obtained by completing Rocky Mountain Snow Guards' Free Layout & Quote Request Form here.